Mediheal Essential Sheet Mask EX 10 Piece Pack Collagen Placenta Revital

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Teatree Care
Vita Lightbeam
Placenta Revital
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Mediheal Essential Mask EX 10P

'Mediheal' is mask science that was created and tested by using beauty principles. 'Mediheal' incorporates special skin know-how to provide custom solution for individuals based on their skin concerns and renews the skin to look and feel like it has received professional skin management.
'Mediheal' uses a highly concentrated formulation of natural materials, helps your unbalanced skin become healthier by making it resistant to stress and caring skin balance.
Experience soft and smooth skin by nourishing it with a rich amount of premium marine collagen.

Mediheal Collagen Impact Essential Mask effectively seals in moisture and collagen content into the skin's deep layers to stimulate skin cell renewal and reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
This mask is also specially formulated to improve the skin's water retention and prevent dryness and skin flaking.
This mask's essential blend of marine collagen, vitamin E and marine elastin will give your skin a radiant and youthful appearance

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