Snowboard Suits for Men

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Mens Snowboard Suits Outdoor Waterproof Winter Ski Jacket&pants for Womens

Premium Quality men's snowboard suit

 Item Description
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The Ski Suit Via DHL Express Shipping: 1-5 days 
Include : Jacket + Denim Jeans
  Please refer to at the below actually Pants measurement

Material: Cotton Blend Package include: 1 Pants
Color : Black, Navy, Camo Grey, Denim Jeans, Desert, Beige, Camo digital Gray, Camo digital Black Size:  S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Waist 43cm   16.9" 45cm   17.7" 47cm   18.5" 50cm   19.6" 52Cm   20.4"
Thigh 30Cm   11.8" 32Cm   12.5" 34Cm   13.3" 36Cm   14.1" 38Cm   14.9"
Front Rise 33Cm   12.9" 34Cm   13.3" 35Cm   13.7" 36Cm   14.1" 37Cm   14.5"
Bottom 24Cm   9.4" 25Cm   9.8" 26Cm   10.2" 27Cm   10.6" 28Cm   11.0"
Length 104Cm   40.9" 106Cm   41.7" 108Cm   42.5" 110Cm   43.3" 112Cm   44.0"
Estimated Delivery Time Table
  Please refer to at the below actually Jacket measurement


Material: Polyester Package include: 1 Jacket
Color : Black, Navy, Star, Camo White, Camo Grey, Camo Olive, Camo Blue, Gradation, Desert white, Blue, Orange,Olive Camo digital Black, Digital (Black, Khaki, Grey, Red) Size:  S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Chest 58Cm / 22.83" 60Cm / 23.62" 62Cm / 24.40" 64Cm / 25.19" 66Cm / 25.98"
Sleeve 74Cm / 29.13" 76Cm / 29.92" 78Cm / 30.70" 80Cm / 31.49" 82Cm / 32.28"
Length 74Cm / 29.13" 76Cm / 29.92" 78Cm / 30.70" 80Cm / 31.49" 82Cm / 32.28"
Jacket's Recommended size For Men:
Small--- ~5'5"(165cm)~, ~135lbs(61kg)~
Medium----- ~5'7"(170cm)~, ~145lbs(66kg)~
Large---- ~5'9"(175cm)~, ~155lbs(70kg)~
X-Large---- ~5'11"(180cm)~, ~175lbs(79kg)~
2-XLarge--- ~6'1"(185cm)~, ~190lbs(86kg)~


How to Pick the Best Snowboard Wears: Jackets and Pants Picking  the  right  outfit  or  gear  is  very  important,  especially  if  you  are  quite  an  adventurous  person.Choosing  the  right  gear  can  also  save  you  from  any unexpected  mishap  in  your  activities. Contrary  to popular opinion, it is not about choosing the skinny  or baggy type of boardwears, but it is about bothfunction and comfort to your needs.  Fashion has its place and it should complement both function and comfort of the material or gear. Afteall, it will be too stupid if you are wearing the most fashionable boardwears in the world while you are freezing your ass off, or you are struggling to ride well on your wear and end up like a chump.  Choose wisely and consider following functional points when picking the best boardwears for you. Here are some tips for you to consider: The Style We are not talking about fashion here but the style of the outerwear. Generally speaking, all pants anjackets may differ in outerwear—they may have insulated outerwear, or shell outerwear. Insulated outerwear has several layers of insulating fabric inside, and an outer layer of waterproof material. Some jackets may be made with insulated outerwear that really keeps you warm but are also heavy. On the other hand, the shell outerwear has no built-in insulation. Because of this, it is lighter and gives you ease 
of movement but it does not keep you warm enough. The shell outerwear is usually good during spring shredding. However, you can always complement a shell outerwear with any extra warmth underneath it if you don’t mind layering it up like an onion. The Fabrics Patterns , textures, and prints are all worth considering but their tech specs are more important. Most waterproof fabrics are given two ratings.  The waterproof ratings will tell you how much water or moisture can your jacket or pants will keep out.  It’s worth noting that jackets or pants made from Gore-Tex are not given a waterproof (or a breathability) rating as they are reckoned to be 100 per cent waterproof, and 100 per cent breathable.
Breathability ratings tell you how much moisture can pass from inside the jacket to the outside. Most 
garments have a rating of between 5,000 GM and 20,000 GM, with the higher numbers being more 
breathable. It might sound a bit odd designing a waterproof jacket that allows water out, but think 
about it – when you ride, you sweat, and if that sweat cannot go anywhere it clings to your body making you cool and clammy. The Features Snowboard jackets and pants boast of many modern fe
atures these days, from iPod controls built into the fabric to techy heating vests with electric ele
ments inside. The more features you want, usually the more expensive the boardwears may be. For instance, taped seams and waterproof zips stops moisture getting through the stitching of the garment. This feature is good if you want to spend longer days out in the extreme weather conditions.  On the other hand, moisture wickling linings help draw moisture or sweat away from the body while vents let air flow into your jacket and pants when you are getting hot and sweaty.   
Nyfashioncity’s boardwears all made with 100% polyester that is allows the body to trap heat and block the cold from the outside. Polyester is also an excellent material in terms of durability and stain 
resistance; it also takes longer to age, making your board wear looking new all the time.