Nanosole Air Walking Pump Insole Lightweight Comfort Cushioning For Men Black

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Air Walking Pump
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Air Walking
Air Walking Pump
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REDUCE FEET FATIGUE – Our item is equipped with air cushion, it reduces the leg fatigue during walking and variety activities.
SUPPORT FEET & BALANCE THE BODY - Our item is based on the gravity principle for human body center (Toes 35%, Arch 15%, Heels 50%). It supports the foot arch and helps maintain correct posture.

MINIMIZE AND ABSORB IMPACT - The foot pain is reduced by absorbing the impact of the memory form walking. It can effectively protect the shock in feet, arch and the floor of the foot (Cushion)USEFUL & CONVENIENT - Great for everyday use such as walking, running and other sports activities (golf, soccer etc.)
PRACTICAL ITEM – Our product is designed for work boots, casual shoes and sneakers. It can be sued on all kinds of shoes type

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