NISL Korea Cosmetic Intensive Barrier Activating Cream

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NISL Intensive Barrier Activating Cream

  • Two functions: Whitening and wrinkle improvement
  • This double functioning moisturization cream supplies healthy shine with the high amount of olive oil (12%) forming the skin protection layer.
  • Includes distinct ingredients that contain the life of the nature.
  • Total anti aging function
  • The high density but light texture sticks refreshingly to the dry skin.
  • This moisturization cream keeps the skin moist and shining for a long time  and provides multi care by moisturizating, supplying nutrients and reinforcing skin elasticity.
  • Used the intensive barrier complex, which helps the healthy skin walls and make the skin flawless and elastic.
  • 100% natural North Pole iceberg water and 3 layers of Hyaluronic acid provides healthy skin wall care.
  • A soft texture that has high density provides a thorough skin care by sticking refreshingly to the skin.
  • Used the intensive barrier complex, which helps to make healthy skin walls and make the skin flawless and elastic.
  • Trehalose: It is a natural gluclose and has excellent ability to maintain moisture.
  • Bergamot fruit oil: Soothes the damaged skin, protects the skin
  • Olive oil: Excellent moisturizing effect with high number of vitamin A, D,  and E.
  • Allantoin: It is a natural ingredient extracted from Comfrey and wheat sprout  and it soothes the skin and provides moisture.
  • Niacinamide: Melanin care, improves skin uniformity
How to use
  • Pour an adequate amount and apply thoroughly.
  • Texture: The texture is a refreshing water type so it absorbs softly
  • Size and capacity: 50ml
  • Expiration date: 30 months from the manufactured date (1 year from the opening of the product)