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Novac Signature Waist Bag 3L Black Fanny Pack Belt Belly Bag Bumbag

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Waist Bag
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UNIQUE DESIGN - A bag with a sports car sentiment made by a car designer ! NOVAC's patented design that embodies the racing track is applied, and the design identity is excellent, so you will feel proud of the brand.

WEAR ANYWHERE - Zipper logo 0-shaped hole for anti-theft lock, made of durable material for safe carrying. It is made in the right size for carrying, and the strap is built into the bag, so you can fix your tablets or electronic devices securely into NOVAC Signature Waist bag.

SECURE STRORAGE - Consisted of 4-layer fabric that this product is durable and safe to put the things in the bag. Zippered pockets ensure your phone and coins won't fall out on the go. Light and strong ZinAlloys material and soft TPU material, you can feel the slippery softness when opening and closing the zipper.
DURABLE - It is made of the same fabric used for sports cars and motorcycle seats, not for bag fabrics, so it is waterproof and flameproof. The front has a rigidity that retains its shape even when pressed by hand, so it is not wrinkled or torn.
COMFORTABLE - It is EASY-TO-CARRY. And also this product has One-hand control buckle that you can handle the buckle with just one hand. It's really easy and comfy to control it ! Changeable in 3 styles. It is minimized to a weight of less than 400g, much lighter than the weight of a typical 10-inch tablet, and can be worn lightly anytime, anywhere

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