Peripera Cushionpang Tint

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Peripera Cushionpang Tint 2.8g

No.1 Soft and Fluffy Real-Cushion, Cushion Pang Tint!

  • Soft and Cushiony cotton wad! Slide to get sexy full or tap to get a pure gradient look!
    Get a professional quality finish in seconds!
  • Don't use your fingertip!
    Simply tap with the cotton wad and get gradient lips instantly!

No.2 Sheer to bold buildable coverage, Two Tone Pang!

  • Apply a thin layer to the entire lips and add dab to the center for alluring two toned lips.
    Create different styles with one item!
  • Layer to the desired intensity!

No.3 Double Pang for both moist and powdery looks!

  • Try a powdery finish today and a moist dewy look tomorrow!
    Cushion Pang Tint is all you need!

No.4 A fade-proof color that stays put all day, Tint Pang!

  • Keep the dryness away with the Stay Fitting System and garden balsam extract!
    The long wearing formula will keep your lips looking fabulous all day!