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Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion

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Peripera Inklasting Pink Cushion 14g

The INK, Better than Photoshop. PERIPERA Inklasting Pink Cushion

ONE, Smooth and flawless skin with a beautiful pink glow

  • "Say goodbye to greasy, heavy makeup!"
    Soft-Focus Effect for a Fair porcelain Complexion

TWO, A natural-looking complexion with a pink sheen!

  • The fixative polymer creates a thin layer over the skin!
    Extra staying power! Soft inside! Smooth on the outside!

THREE, Long-lasting coverage with a soft-focus effect!

  • Keep your makeup looking flawless all day!
    The Long-Lasting Soft-Focus Effect
  • "See the powerful, long-lasting Ink coverage?"
    Skin looks luminous and smooth even after six hours.

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