Plan36.5 Tranex 11 Plus Collagen BB Cream No 21 Light Beige SPF 50+

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BB Cream
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  • BLEMISH COVER - The tranex 11+ BB Cream, which is composed of 11 brightening ingredients and effective ingredients to relieve blemishes and blemishes, will effectively cover blemishes
  • HIGH MOISTURE - Our product is a high-moisture BB cream that can be used on your face without drying it

  • GREAT ADHESION - With great adhesion so that it doesn't float when applied to your skin, our products will make your face shine
  • CONTAINS COLLAGEN - This BB Cream contains collagen to deliver nutrients to the skin

  • BRIGHT SKIN - Ingredients such as niacinamide, which are helpful for whitening, help to express clear and bright skin. Have a smooth skin texture