Pyramid Silicone Mold Resin Craft DIY Tool Jewelry Making Mould Epoxy Pendant

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Jewelry Making Silicone Mold
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Pyramid Silicone Mold Resin  Craft DIY Tool Jewelry Making Mould Epoxy Pendant


Product Feature

  • Durable: Made of safe and durable silicone resin with smooth. Molds are reusable.
  • Flexible: High flexible, clear color, easy to de-mold. It will be easy pop out of your mold after your project is fully cured.

  • Easy to Clean: Clean it with soapy water and keep it in a dry and dust-free place.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to shape, enjoy the fun of DIY production, or other process accessories with it. |}|Applications: You can use this for your DIY craft projects making pyramid, hanging ornaments, home decorations, pendulum, art projects, etc. You could get a lot of fun of making these beautiful projects.


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