Reusable Mason Jar Bottles Bags Food Snack Zipper Bags Seal Food Container 20Pcs

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Reusable Mason Jar Bottles Bags Food Snack Zipper Bags Seal Food Container 20Pcs 

Product Feature

  • Storage Bags Mason Bottle Shape: Reusable Zipper Snack Bags are made of durable PE materials, which are space-saving, environmentally friendly, tasteless, non-toxic, reusable, etc. They can be refrigerated in the refrigerator, stored for a longer time, washable Fold and refrigerate.
  • Zipper Reusable Bag: With easy-to-use seal design. You only need to slide quickly to seal it. Can prevent food from spoiling and keep snacks neat. They are easy to store in cabinets and refrigerators, which can greatly save the space of the kitchen and are ideal kitchen storage tools.

  • Wide Range of Uses: Mason Jar Zipper Bags are suitable for storing nuts, candy, biscuits, sandwiches, seasonings, pasta, etc. at work, school, travel, or camping. It can protect the freshness of your food. Leak-proof, suitable for carrying and transportation.
  • Unique Exterior Design: The design of Zipper Bags is inspired by realistic Mason jars, which will be an excellent decoration in the kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. They are lightweight and easy to store in the cabinet or refrigerator, you will save more space in the cabinet or refrigerator. Make your snacks tidier.
  • Package Include: 20 Pcs Mason Bottle Jar Bags: 5 Pcs tall bags (500ml, 12.5*4.2in) + 5 Pcs large bags (1000ml, 9.4*6.8in) + 5 Pcs medium bags (500ml, 5.4*7.7in) + 5 Pcs small bags (150ml, 4.2*6.2in). Transparent design makes it easier for you to browse internal items.



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