RIRE Quick Hair Tint Mascara 12ml (Black / Brown)

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RIRE Quick Hair Tint Mascara 12ml  (Black / Brown)

About the Products
  • Quick hair tint Mascara filling meticulously and not missing a gray hair which a brush cannot reach.
  • New coloring product that covers gray hair
  • It’s brush type, and will dye your gray hair immediately.
  • You can go out without shampooing.
  • The product will keep your hair healthy, and protect your scalp.
How to use
  • Push the upper right button of the product.
  • Apply the product over the hair you want to cover
    (When applied on the wrong area like scalp or skin, remove it with the cotton bud with the remover. )
  • Air-dry for around 3-5 min.
    (If dried with a hair dryer, you can reduce the time and prevent from changed color.)