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SBA Derma Centric Alopecia Relief Shampoo

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 SBA Derma Centric Alopecia Relief Shampoo

SAFE INGREDIENTS - NO parabens, silicone, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances make it safer to use on your scalp. Just use without worrying about harmful ingredients.
WEAK ACID SHAMPOO - Our product is a weak acid shampoo with a pH of 4.5~5.5, which is the most similar to human skin. Try our shampoo that moisturizes your sensitive scalp in a contaminated environment.

HYPOALLERGENIC - This hypoallergenic shampoo containing amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and plant-derived surfactants. It is made for your precious scalp.
AROMATIC OIL SCENT - A natural aroma oil complex is incorporated instead of artificial fragrance, so you can feel a good scent even during the shampoo.

SUFFICIENT MOISTURIZING POWER - The ingredients that remain effective even after washing with water help keep your dry scalp healthy