SBA NOKCHAWON Green Tea Bag 10 Individual Pack Pyramid-shaped Healthy

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Green Tea Bag
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SBA NOKCHAWON Green Tea Bag 10 Individual Pack Pyramid-shaped Healthy

  • Delicious Green Tea Jak Seol Tea Bag 1.5g X 10 Pack - It is a delicious green tea with 100 percent Korean tea leaves of carefully selected quality. Enjoy the relaxation of pure premium green tea.

  • Hygienic individual packing / Excellent portability and convenience - Our products are individually packaged to preserve the taste and aroma of each tea. It's hygienic. It's easy to eat anytime.

  • Note the materials and forms of PLA tea bags that think about health and nature. - What's a PLA tea bag? Disassembly tea bag made from sugarcane raw material. All materials used are materials that decompose and return to nature. Why the pyramid-shaped tea bags? Unlike a flat-shaped tea bag, the space inside the tea bag is large, so you can see it coming out of the tea leaves. The waiting time is pleasant. The ingredients of tea are well-made, so you can enjoy a rich flavor and aroma.

  • How to enjoy Nokchawon Jakseol Premium Green Tea deliciously - 1. Put a tea bag in a teacup. 2. Pour 180 ml (6 Fl oz) of 68 degree (155 F) water. 3. Bake for about 2 minutes. Shake the tea bag up and down two or three times and eat. Wait for more than 5 minutes for cold water. *It's better to put in edible petals or herbs according to your taste.

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