Youngjin Three Dimensional Elastic Breathable Fashion Design Mask 5 Set

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 Youngjin Three Dimensional Elastic Breathable Fashion Design Mask 5 Set


elastic closure
Machine Wash
COOL FEELING - It is made of 30% of Coolon material, 60% Polyester, and 10% of Spandex. Coolon material is developed by Kolon Inc which is one of the top fabric companies in South Korea. It is one of the functional polyesters which has good hygroscopicity and quick drying. So, you can feel cool when wearing it.

100% SAFE - This cotton mask is made of 100% pure cotton. So, it is very soft and harmless to the human body. And because it is also a three-dimensional shape, it does not touch the mouth directly when wearing it and very Hygienic.
EASY BREATHING - In cases of other masks, you may not be able to keep wearing in hot summer because it is hard to breathe comfortably. But with its 100% cotton 

material and 3-dimensional design which makes it breathable, you can breathe easily.
COMFORTABLE FIT - As this mask has 3D ergonomic design, it fits the contour of the human face. Even if you wash it for many times, as it can maintain its original shape, you can feel comfortable when wearing it.
PROTECTING YOU - Of course, it doesn't have the filter in it. However, because it is a mask and blocks it physically with the fabric, it protects you from external substances.

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