the SAEM Cleome Refining Dual Mask Wash Off

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the SAEM Cleome Refining Dual Mask Wash Off 50ml x 50ml

Two types of wash-off mask to choose according to daily skin troubles. (Clay Pack & Water Pack)

Contains African Cleome. [sebum care]

  • Contains CLEOMA (African Spider Flower Leaf Extract) supplied by African farms and Fair Trade, helping to maintain a clean skin condition and maintain the sebum necessary for the skin.

Blue clay content. [Pore Care]

  • Unique blue French blue clay fills the skin with a rich mineral that moisturizes and comforts the skin.

Soft, clean finish cream

  • It is a formula that softly controls the sebum and keratin. It is lightly adhered to skin lightly to keep the skin surface clean and smooth.
*Clinical improvement of pore improvement.
*Non-comedogenic test completed

One face! Dual mask for other skin.
By selectively managing excess T zone and deficient U zone, skin troubles come alive!

  • Softening Blue Clay Pack
    Comfortable and good clay.
    Drying speed is fast and adsorption power is good.
    • French blue clay content
      Exfoliation / Pore Convergence / Skin Softening / Deep Cleansing
  • Marshmallow Moisture Pack
    Cream-type mask with dirt and nourishment.
    Continuous delivery of non-drying moisture to the skin.
    • Moisture Supply / Moisture Shape / Mineral Supply / Skin Soothing

On that day, please choose according to your skin type!

How to use

  1. After cleansing, remove the water and spread the clay pack evenly over the area where T zone or pore is troubled.
  2. Evenly spread the water pack on the area that feels dry depending on the condition or skin condition.
  3. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes until the clay is dry and sebum is adsorbed.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    *Recommended to use once or twice a week.
    *Depending on your skin condition, you may use one type alone.

Cleome Line

  • It improves the quality of sebum, controlling it with healthy oil, improving the problematic pores and concentrating acne skin.

Cosmetics suitable for adult acne skin containing CLEOMA extract supplied by African farms and Fair Trade!

  • Abnormal signs of sebum present in pores.
    -> Worsening of skin condition due to unbalanced secretion of sebum.
    -> It regulates the water balance, which consists of healthy sebum, improves the pores and protects the skin through a protective film.

It helps regulate sebum secretion and sebum out of normal sebum balance to improve the function of essential oil in skin.

Helps remove wrinkles and dead skin cells in the pores, helps to pore smoothly, and helps to create a smooth, clean skin.

The pores and keratin care calms the skin from irritation, strengthens skin elasticity and helps moisturize the skin.