the SAEM Eco Soul Velvet Lip Mousse

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Lip Mousse
the SAEM
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#CR01 Bless You
#OR01 Persimmon Dream
#PK01 Just Feeling
#PK02 Pink Bear
#RD01 Red Motion
#RD02 Lady Bird
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the SAEM  Eco Soul Velvet Lip Mousse 5.5g

Lip Mousse completes the luxurious velvet lips with a touch that is dull and smooth.

  1. Bright color.
  2. No tackiness.
  3. Lightly lasting feeling of adhesion.
  4. Soft velvet texture.

Sharp blush color

  • It is a high-gloss color moose type lip locker in which the lip color is clearly produced with just one touch.

Smooth and smooth finish.

  • Velvet powder and velvet gel base with soft touch make you lighter makeup without tackiness.

Silky - Fitting

  • It is silky fit with the powder of excellent adhesion and keeps the color for a long time without tint coloring.


How to use

  • Full Lip production.
    After adjusting the amount at the mouth of the container, fill the line along the line from the inside of the lips will give.
  • Gradation Lip production.
    Just tap slightly inside your lips and tap your finger against the outside of your lips to make a gradient.

Apply a soft lip mousse to your bowl for a natural, smooth blusher.

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