the SAEM Saemmul Jelly Candy Tint

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the SAEM Saemmul Jelly Candy Tint 8g

Tangle Tangle Like Jelly! Sweet lips like candy!

Tangled tangled volume lip like jelly.

  • Jelly texture firmly adhered to your lips, giving it a translucent, smooth gloss that makes it look like a jelly-like tangled tangled lips.

A moist tint like a jellyfish

  • It combines moisturizing particles with pigments and then grasps them with a polymer of lattice structure, achieving vivid coloring and moisturizing at the same time.

Sharp for a long time with a touch!

  • With one touch, it achieves sharp color and gloss at the same time, and the colored color remains as it is for a long time.

Technical description.

  • Jelly Coating Layer
    A jelly texture that closely adheres to the curved lips, creating a clear coating on the lips surface while coloring and shining clearly on the lips surface, creating a jelly-like volume lip.

  • Color Capture Moist System
    Lattice structure polymer (cross linking polymer) tightly holds pigments combined with moisturizing particles to realize vivid coloring and excellent moisturizing effect for a long time.

Color shot

Color table

How to use

  • Take the appropriate amount of ingredients and gently spread from the inside of the lips.