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TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 10g

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Primer Cushion
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TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 10g


[Whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV protection triple functional cosmetics.]
A clear, lustrous tone correction that simultaneously covers wrinkle-free skin texture to create a clean skin base.

Transparent cover + primer (moisture treatment) + sun protection

Easy to apply moist cushion type / three colors to calibrate your skin tone.

  • Immediately prior to cremation, it is easy to apply skin tone and texture, and lavender, mint and peach pink color.

Cover with color primer effect to dull pores.

  • Film Former wraps around the surface of the skin and smoothes the skin irregularities such as pores and fine wrinkles.

SPF50 + PA ++++ strong sunscreen effect.

  • SPF50 + PA ++++ ultraviolet barrier function, not only the role of the base, but also solve the sunscreen effect at once!

Three color cushions that will make your skin look clear and transparent.

01. Lavender
A lot of spots, yellow skin is bright and transparent.

  • The skin is yellow.
  • There are spots, freckles, spots.
  • There are red spots and yellow spots due to laser treatment.
  • In the afternoon, the skin looks dull.
  • The pupil is brown rather than black.

02. Mint
Redness and acne cover red skin clean and uniform.

  • Flushing on face is severe.
  • Acne, trouble marks.
  • It is skin sensitive to temperature change.
  • If you are exposed to sunlight, it turns red.
  • The skin is thin, and capillaries are often exposed.

03. Pitch Pink
Dark and dull skin toned up with vibrant peach light!

  • It is pale and has no color.
  • In the afternoon, the skin looks dull.
  • It is white, but a yellow crest turns.
  • Blushers are a must.
  • If you are exposed to sunlight, it is black rather than red.

Primer color cushion to perfect partial tone correction.

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