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TONYMOLY Poketmon Mini Cushion Blusher 9g

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Cushion Blusher
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TONYMOLY Poketmon Mini Cushion Blusher 9g


Sweet cushion blusher that colors the two balls moisturizingly and lovingly.
A spoiler mini cushion blusher that moistens both balls.

Vibrant color

  • If you tap the vivid color, you will be lovingly tinted in both balls and produced with a shy face light.

Moist! Tangle! Shiny shine

  • It is a cushion type. It is dyed clear and moist without dryness.

Light and excellent adhesion, long without agglomeration.

  • Contains Hybrid Fit Powder that is applied smoothly on skin and has excellent persistence without oil or stickiness. Lightly sticks without oiliness or tackiness and keeps color for a long time.


  • 01 Pink Fantasy Like a girl who falls in love for the first time.
  • 02 Rose Coral Coral color reminiscent of a calm, feminine rose.
  • 03 Peach Orange Peach orange naturally stimulating the face.

I recommend this.

  1. If you want to express a clear and soft color.
  2. The person who does not want to ruin the expression of the moist skin which carries out the care by the chick which is thick.
  3. A person who wants natural expression without artificial.
  4. A person who wants to maintain color for a long time with a light touch all day.

How to use

  • Take an appropriate amount into a mini puff, tap around the clown, and finish it by tapping lightly.
    It blends several times according to the symbol.

Notes on first use

  • When using for the first time, please be careful about the amount of sponge because the contents are so faded.
    Do not press too hard on the puff so that too much amount does not come on at once.


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