VOM Korean Facial Pentapeptide Serum 30ML with Cupping Massage Kit USA

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VOM Korean Facial Pentapeptide Serum 30ML with Cupping Massage Kit

Korean Premium Facial Skin Care Serum 30ML with Silicone Cupping Massage Cup

'VOM' means spring in Korean. VOM is developed to help to manage dry skin as fresh and bright as spring. It pursues healthy beauty through steady management of the skin.

'VOM cupping therapy kit is a product that can be used quickly in a busy modern society. It consists of a massage cup and ampoule that organize the overall face line and is a product that improves lymphatic circulation of the face. It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week to promote collagen production and experience a firming enhancement effect.




Step 1

After cleanse and exfoliate your skin, prepare VOM facial serum and silicon massage cup.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of the VOM facial serum and gently rub your face to spread it.

Step 3

Massage your face using the silicon massage cup until the serum is absorbed.

Korean Skin Care Serum

Efficient Koran Facial Cupping therapy

What is Korean Facial Cupping therapy?

The technique for its use involves the repeated suction and movement after adsorbing the cup.

Cupping therapy

Improve the circulation of facial lymph and promote collagen production. Stimulating the flow of blood and lymph in your face relieves everything from skin and muscle pain to poor blood circulation.

Immediate lifting Effect

Experience an immediate lifting effect with just 3-5 minutes of daily use.

Experience the difference!

Advanced Skin Lifting Skin Firming & Hydration Short Term Visible Results Simple Daily Selfcare Experience The Difference Money Back Guarantee


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