Youngju_Daejanggan, Premium Hand Plow Hoe - Korean Style Ho-Mi

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Youngju_Daejanggan, Premium Hand Plow Hoe Korean Garden Tool HoMi

*Product information

  • Product name: 2019 Brand New Korean Smith HoMi/Korean Garden Tool Hoe
  • Product configuration: A half-moon Ho-Mi
  • Manufacturers and manufacturing countries: Youngju Daejanggan, Republic of Korea

*Product characteristics
  • HANDMADE PRODUCTION - The Ho-Mi is a hand made the product that has been processed several times in the traditional way by blacksmiths in the Korean forge.
  • STRONG TOOL - The handle does not come off because the hoshi's iron part is made to penetrate under the hosiery so it is durable and can be used safely for any operation.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY - Because it is made using the same material as the spring used for the car lower body, it has superior durability than other products.
  • HIGH QUALITY - The durability of the product is excellent, so it is a product that is ordered directly by the experts who have high workload as well as general users.
  • PRACTICAL ITEM - Our products have excellent durability for gardening in general households as well as for professionals working in the gardening business.

*How to keep your products safe
  • "Use and remove moisture and retain rust resistant oil (edible oils)."